Swedes will invest PLN 280 million in Poland and employ one thousand people.

The Swedish clothing company H & M will build a logistics center in the Legnica Special Economic Zone. Thanks to the investment of over 280 million PLN over a thousand people will find work.

The H & M logistics center will be built in the Krzywa sub-zone, 700 meters from the “Krzywa” junction of the A4 motorway and the 94 national road – announced on Friday the Legnica Special Economic Zone (LSSE).

This investment is an important project for the region. Thanks to such a large investment employment will be found by hundreds of people who have so far been unsuccessful looking for work, which will practically eliminate unemployment in the Chojnów Municipality.

The logistics center will be set up at the turn of 2018 and 2019. The investor will ensure that the center’s buildings will be built in accordance with the requirements of the international ecolab certification scheme.

That is an example of another big investment on the Polish land. More and more foreign investors want to conduct their businesses in Poland. The country located in the center of Europe is a great link between European Union and the interested countries from Middle East, Asia or Africa.

Except the tendency to open Polish branches of foreign companies, we can observe many examples of starting a new business in Poland by forming a Polish Limited Liability Company ( LLC) or buying a new, shelf , ready-made company which is now a very popular and developing business occurence.

For the future investors it is recommended to use the support of professional, polish business consulting companies with adequate knowledge and experience which can help to choose the best way, avoid significant mistakes in the first contacts with Polish officials and complete all the necessary formalities.

Such partners, in addition to carry out the remote company formation process are able to take care of premises matters, accountancy or even complete organization of the workforce ( work permit, accomodation, insurance, etc.).

Poland as a dynamically developing EU member state seems to be a great place to conduct business and invest for the future.