The Polish Bank PKO BP warns of fraud on PSD2

The Polish bank PKO BP warns of fraudsters pretending to be bank employees on the phone. Citing the PSD2 directive, they ask you to install additional software which they will send by email. In fact, it is for phishing.

From September 14, regulations regarding strong authentication began to apply under the EU PSD2 directive. They change, among others, the way of logging in and require the use of an additional authorization method, in addition to the login and password.

According to the Polish Bank PKO BP, there are cases of fraudsters who hunt for less vigilant customers.

Fraudsters pretend to be employees of this bank by phone, refer to the PSD2 directive and ask for additional software to be sent by email.

This software is supposed to be used for transaction authorization, but it can actually trick users in to login details and authorization codes. Do not give any data to the caller, do not agree to send the software and immediately inform the bank about this fact.

The Polish Bank PKO BP emphasizes that it does not ask customers and owners of the bank accounts to install any additional software in connection with the entry into force of new regulations related to PSD2. It also reminds you not to open attachments from unreliable sources and not to click on suspicious links.

Even before the entry of regulations related to PSD2, it was feared that the time of these changes could be used by fraudsters to try to phishing data from customers. She issued warnings in this case, among others Polish Financial Supervision Authority and Ministry of Finance.