Trump breaks the deal with Iran. Oil prices at the highest since 2014.

The US president broke the deal with Iran and announced the imposition of serious economic sanctions on the country. Will include trade in oil, which prices went up quickly, breaking several-year records. The drivers cannot be surprised at the gas stations.

Donald Trump’s threats to Iran have been met. The US president withdrew from the agreement, which in exchange for limiting the nuclear program by Tehran, abolished many sanctions imposed on Iran after 2015. According to Trump, the layout has not been completed.

The United States is to intervene quickly. Within 90 days, licenses for the export of many goods to Iran will be withdrawn. The sanctions will include automotive, aluminum, steel and coal. In addition, Iran will prohibit Iran from buying dollars.Β In six months, the US will also impose sanctions on oil-related transactions, and Iran is one of the more significant players in this market. This vision strongly disturbed investors. As a result, the prices of raw material go up.

This is bad news from the drivers’ point of view. Oil prices, which have been rising for several months, translate into higher fees at petrol stations. For one liter of the most popular gasoline PB95, you have to pay over 5 zlotys at some stations. If the upward trend in the oil market continues, it will be even more expensive.

The US president’s move is not at all favorable to the other countries of the agreement, including EU countries that are going to discuss it.

European countries can and are part of the broadly defined Western bloc, but they no longer see their interest in cutting off various businesses run in Iran.