The US-North Korea summit finished ahead of time.

Donald Trump and Kim Dzong Un stopped the meeting in Hanoi before the time. A joint lunch and a document signing ceremony were canceled. According to the White House, no agreement was reached.

Initially, Trump’s conference, where he was supposed to talk about the course of the summit was planned for 15.50 local time (9.50 in Poland), but eventually it will take place two hours earlier. The lunch of both delegations and the joint signing of the agreement were also canceled. Eventually, Trump and Kim left the Metropol hotel where negotiations took place.

Why could not an agreement be reached?

North Korea wanted to abolish the sanctions completely and was ready for deep denuclearization, but not in areas that satisfied the United States.ย Therefore, it was decided not to sign the agreement and sanctions imposed on North Korea will remain in force.

Kim Dzong Unย offered to liquidate the nuclear research center in Jongbjon in exchange for the abolition of all sanctions. This is the most important center of this type in North Korea. The problem is that the Americans found this offer insufficient. The more so because the sanctions were to be abolished immediately, and the liquidation of Jongbjon was to take place later.

The talks are to be continued, and according to US president and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo managed to achieve considerable progress. However, no other summit of both leaders was planned.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders emphasized, however, that both delegations held constructive talks on the denuclearization of North Korea during the Hanoi Summit, as well as on the country’s economy and hope to continue talks in the future.