Over 21 thousand taxpayers arrived in Krakow.

21 thousand 85 new taxpayers and 47.4 million more in the budget – these are the effects of the “Pay taxes in Krakow” campaign for 2016. According to the chairman of KrakΓ³w City Council, this result is the effect of the growing awareness of the residents and the attractiveness of Krakow as a place to live.

Since 2012, the city authorities have been running an information and promotion campaign encouraging people to pay taxes in Krakow. At that time, taxpayers were 569 thousand, today there are almost 610 thousand.

According to data from the Tax Administration Chamber for 2016, we gained over 21 thousand. taxpayers and PLN 47.4 million more from the PIT budget.

He added that in comparison with other large cities functioning as poviats, KrakΓ³w has the highest percentage increase in income from communal PIT – 9.8 percent.

Although the number of taxpayers in Krakow is growing, this year another phenomenon was very noticeable: the number of people paying taxes at Wawel is growing at a slower pace than in the neighboring municipalities. – This is a signal of the metropolization of Krakow. There is a group of people who work in Krakow and send their children to schools here, but he lives and pays taxes in neighboring municipalities. We will want to examine this phenomenon within the “Krakow Barometer” – said KoΕ›mider.

The chairman of the City Council emphasized that a metropolitan law would be a chance for Krakow.

The last information and promotion campaign cost 300 thousand. zlotys, was run under the slogan “Be the hero of Krakow”, and its symbol was Lajkonik.

For a few years, city authorities have been announcing the introduction of the Krakow Resident Card, whose owners, in return for paying taxes to the city coffers, would have discounts on municipal services, such as communication and entry tickets to some cultural institutions.

The project of introducing such a card is ready, but due to the changing interpretations regarding the transmission of tax information, it remains to verify how to pay taxes in Krakow in a credible way.