India is a key US partner. It is a response to the growing importance of China.

The US intends to “significantly deepen” cooperation with India as a key partner – US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced next week’s visit to Delhi.

Speaking at the Washington Center for Strategic and International Studies, the head of American diplomacy has recognized the US and India as “increasingly global partners” who “share not only respect for democracy, but also a vision of the future.”

He called on Delhi to play a greater role in ensuring the security of the region, pointing out that “India and the US should cooperate to defend the sovereignty of other states.”

Tillerson also pointed out that India and the US are connected with “strategic relations”, adding that Washington “will never have such relations with China, which are undemocratic”.Criticism of China

The head of American diplomacy criticized Chinese provocations in the South China Sea, declaring that they directly challenge the “international law and norms that the US and India advocate”.

The US secretary of state assured that “the US is seeking constructive relations with China, but they will not shirk responsibility in the face of Chinese questioning of order based on principles.” He added that with his policy, Beijing “weakens the sovereignty of neighboring states and harms the United States and its allies.”Pakistan concerned

Tillerson’s pro-Indian comments may also pester Pakistan, the regional rival of India, next to China, “Reuters said.

Next week, Tillerson will visit India. In November, US President Donald Trump will travel to Asia, including China.

As reported by the BBC, in response to Tillerson’s speech, the Chinese embassy in Washington reported that Beijing “will never seek hegemony or expansion and will not seek development at the expense of other interests.” Chinese diplomats also referred in this way to the Wednesday speech of President Xi Jinping opening the XIX Congress of the Communist Party of China (CCP).

In his inaugural speech, the communist leader assured that China would become a developed socialist country by 2035 and a rich and powerful socialist country by 2050. The president announced that even after strengthening his position, Beijing would conduct an “independent and peaceful foreign policy”. “China will never seek hegemony or pursue expansionism,” Xi said.

In recent years, China has begun intensive work on the artificial enlargement of the islands of the Spratly Archipelago in the South China Sea. The US question China’s claim to this area; Beijing’s policy has also led to a territorial dispute with Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei.