Another great chance for Poland – take advantage of the geographical location!

Poland can finally start earning money on its geographical location, being on the route of important transport corridors in the region.

The discussion on the Three Seas initiative has just started, namely the construction of a new transport network, waterways and gas pipelines. Poland finally took the floor in this discussion. It has geographically the best transit route so it can finally start to benefit from it.

Poland in European Union

This is another reason for your interest in having your own business in Poland. Country located in the center of Europe is a great place to start your adventure in investing in the European Union. Starting from various possibilities of having LLC (Limited Liability Company) eg.Your own company formation or buying aΒ  ready-made shelf polish company. But foreign investors are often interested in staying longer in Poland using simpler visa procedures dedicated for business migrants.

Poland relatively quickly has been able to ratify and sign the UN Convention on Inland Waterway Transport.This project, the government strategy of this concept, has already entered the implementation phase. Works on the establishment of the Odra and Danube committees are under way.

Poland thus enters Europe’s bloodstream. In this transport network they want to turn over by the river among others – Black Sea countries, eg Georgia.

It is worth investing in the water network, as exemplified by Western European countries, among others. Holland, but also Germany, France or Great Britain – there barges carry goods intensively. And one barge is 70-80 trucks. It therefore pays off economically and is more ecological and effective.