US President in Warsaw and more great news for Poland.

Great news after President Donald Trump’s visit! “New York Times”: Poland will enter the elite club soon.

The situation of Poland in world politics is becoming better and better. Our prestige increased especially after yesterday’s talks and speeches of US President Donald Trump in Warsaw. American media write about Poland as much as ever.

One of the biggest US newspapers, the New York Times, commenting on the visit of US President Donald Trump in Warsaw, gives an enthusiastic review of the Polish economy, appreciating “consistent budget care”. The diary predicts that we will soon join the group of developed countries.

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Head of Emerging Markets Analysis at Morgan Stanley, said that Poland would soon join the developed world as a fast-growing economy.Β He calls us the biggest European star and compares it to the Asian tigers, giving an example of South Korea, the last developing country to join the developed world. And according to “NYT” no other country outside Poland this art will not succeed in the coming years.Β 

True, the determinants of belonging to the most advanced countries of the world may be many, but a fairly common measure is per capita income. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recognizes that the boundary of belonging to developed countries is 15 thousand. dollarsΒ per person.Β Meanwhile, the Polish economy has been growing at an average rate of 4% over the last 25 years since the transformation of the political system. GDP per year, and per capita income increased from 2.3 thousand. To almost 13 thousand. dollars. If this rate is maintained, then the barrier of 15 thousand. dollars. Per person will be exceeded by 2020.Β 

The visit of the President of the United States to Warsaw, before a visit to Paris or Berlin, is not accidental.Β With relatively cheap currency and labor (one third of what is in Germany), the country is competitive with Asian industrial powers. Already today exports of industrial products from Poland account for 33 percent. GDP, meanwhile the average level for developing countries is 22%.Β 

So let’s look outside China, India, Russia and Brazil. Poland, in its old fashioned way – through industrial production and export – is likely to become another rich nation. What is more, as President Trump believes, this country is not only an important NATO ally, but also a leader in one of the most dynamic economic blocs in the world.