Dynamic increase in interest in investments in Poland.

Many Chinese companies are very interested in starting up their business in the European Union today. Poland is in an ideal position – centrally between East and West.Β Local investors appreciate this and see our advantage. More and more of them are looking for space to cooperate with Polish and European companies. Both Polish and Chinese companies can benefit in the context of trade, joint investment or joint venture projects.

More and more Chinese investors want to start a business in Poland. Observation shows that there is also a growing number of investors who will buy ready-made Polish companies. This will concern the energy, logistics and, above all, food industries. Today in China we observe a huge demand for products of the latter, especially good quality dairy products or sweets. Chinese companies want to take over Polish companies and bring these goods to themselves. They do not yet understand European conditions as far as procurement and law are concerned. That is why there are still some problems for foreign entrepreneurs when it comes to the thicket of administrative regulations.

This is changing rapidly, and China understands that legal support is needed here. They must have Polish partners who know the rules of running a business in Poland. They seek not only lawyers, but also professional consulting companies that will guide them through the process of starting a company in Poland at every stage to the very end. They can avoid some obstacles on the market, by choosing law firms or Polish companies to cooperate.

In terms of real estate, Chinese entrepreneurs and individual investors, in addition to Western European countries, including Great Britain, especially London, Germany and France, are also interested in having property in Poland. The first signals, however, concern only the premium locations in Warsaw, but Poland has to offer many investments in smaller, very interesting and dynamically developing cities, such as ŁódΕΊ, PoznaΕ„ or WrocΕ‚aw. For Asia this region of Europe is still a big unknown, so you can still see the focus on capitals or the Western European Union countries.