New opening in traffic without Visa to Poland – liberalization of regulations.

This time, the liberalization of the regulations in obtaining visa to Poland concerns Ukrainian citizens. More than 2300 foreigners who crossed the Polish border over the last 24 hours have benefited from liberalized visa regulations. On the 11th of June the visa requirement for citizens travelling to the European Union has been lifted. They can enter the Schengen zone without a visa for 90 days – within half a year – for business, tourist or family purposes.

Visa free within European Union

Abolition of the visa requirement does not imply an exemption from the need to meet the other conditions of entry specified in the Schengen Borders Code. Immigrants from Ukraine must not only have a valid biometric passport, but also justify the purpose and conditions of the planned stay in the European Union, have the required funds (300 PLN to three days and 75 PLN for each subsequent day of stay) and have insurance. Visa-free accommodation in the Schengen zone can not last more than 90 days in any 180-day period. Up to 90 days will also be included in previous short-term stays in EU, for example on the basis of a previous Schengen visa, as well as before 11 June – all EU short-term stays are added in accordance with European Union regulations. Since Sunday, Ukrainian immigrants crossing the visa-free zone can work in the territory of Poland provided they have appropriate documents, such as a statement about their intention to commit work or an appropriate work permit. Due to the introduction of the visa-free regime, the issue of staying in the territory of Poland of foreigners was also dealt with in the course of proceedings in front of the province governor for granting temporary, permanent or long-term residence permits in the European Union. Where an application has been submitted on time and does not contain formal deficiencies or formal deficiencies have been completed by the deadline, then the travel document of the applicant shall be accompanied by a stamp attesting the submission on time of the application.

A foreigner who has such a stamp may enter Poland visa-free only if he or she has not used 90 days of stay in the 180-day period before and during the procedure. If a period of visa-free stay has been used, re-entry to Poland may take place on the basis of a long-stay visa. It is only after using the entire period of stay under visa-free travel that there is a smooth transition to the entitlement to the temporary residence, permanent or long-term residence of the European Union. Liberalization of regulations does not apply to entry into Great Britain and Ireland.

At present, Poland has quite a liberal law on the employment of foreigners because it allows them to come to the country and seek legal employment here. Such solutions are not used in the western countries of the Schengen zone.