Another taste of Japanese perfection – impressive investment in polish factory.

Mabuchi Motor, a Japanese automotive manufacturer started building a factory producing parts for the car industry on Wednesday in Bochnia. The investment of approximately 360 million zlotys will be the company’s first plant in Europe.

The Polish factory will be a very important production center of the company, responding to the growing demand from the European industry and the expectations of already existing customers on our continent.

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The company’s manufacturing business in Japan from 1954 has so far been concentrated in Asia, but due to its large global demand in 2014 it was decided to expand to other continents. New factories will be built in Mexico and Poland.

Mabuchi Motor Poland will build a 9.5-hectare factory producing parts for the automotive industry, including small electric motors used to control equipment. This will be the first plant of this company in Europe.

Factory with an area of 26 thousand should start production by the end of 2019. The target capacity will reach 2023, producing around 16 million motors per year. The planned employment for this year will be around 400 employees. The total value of investments was PLN 360 million by 2023.

This is another great investment of a large foreign company in Poland.

Every year more and more foreign companies from both the European Union and abroad want to open their branches and invest in Poland.

Poland, as a rapidly growing country with ever stronger position in Europe and in the world, is a great place to start up business in the EU.

This beautiful country in Central Europe, which is the perfect link between the EU and the Middle East, offers a lot of opportunities for foreign investors wishing to open a LLC company.

lnvestors can start with the ability to remotely form and manage their Limited Liability Company with the help of a professional Polish consulting company which will help to complete all formalities concerning setting up their own business or buying ready-made, clean, shelf companies dedicated to the profile of their activity.

If this is not enough for them, they can use the procedures prepared for business migration and try to get a business visa what is the best way to get a permanent residence permit and gives the opportunity for further development inΒ the whole European Union.

But investors must remember that starting a business in Poland rules its own rights and it is easy to make significant mistakes in the first contacts with Polish officials which can complicate start or even close the door for further careers in the EU. That’s why finding a proffesional, trustworthy partner is so important. A partner who will not only sell them ready-made company,take money and say: β€œgoodbye, you are on your own now”, but a real partner who will be able to give them complete support at every stage of their development in Poland.

Coming back to the main topic of this article Japan is the largest foreign investor from Asia in Poland – there are 300 companies with Japanese capital and the total value of their investments exceeded 3.5 billion euros, of which 600 million euros last year. – Japanese companies are increasingly appreciating the increasing attractiveness of Poland on the investment map of the world.

Maybe now it is your time to take a piece of that delicious cake…