Poland vs. European Commission – answer to the question about mass migration.

Poland has sent the European Commission a reply to the refusal procedure for refugees. The government stresses that it is unable to make a decision on this issue and at the same time properly perform public security obligations.

The Polish authorities inform in this letter of the attempted reception of the refugees, stressing that it was not possible to effectively verify the identity of the asylum seekers.The Italian authorities refused to conduct direct talks with people who would be transferred to Poland, thus depriving polish officials of the possibility of verifying the credibility of the applicants. Consequently, the adoption of such persons would prevent the authorities from performing their security obligations.

Similar arguments refer to Greece. In fact, the country has made it possible for a Polish liaison officer to interview migrants but, as was pointed out, among the applicants were people who could be a threat to security – using false identities or giving inaccurate details of their age or country of origin.

All these problems concern people who can create the conditions to increase the threat of terrorist attacks and destabilize the social situation or those with no intention to work who only want to take social benefits.

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The Polish Government points to its understanding of the principle of solidarity in this matter, which should consist in helping to correct errors in the asylum system of a Member State. Poland recalls, in this context, the sending of experts to support asylum authorities in Italy and Greece, as well as the provision of humanitarian aid to the countries affected by the crisis.