Bank products in Poland. PeoPay and BLIK app. You pay and withdraw money for free.

Cash is no longer an obligatory wallet equipment. The same fate may soon meet payment cards. Today, all you need is a phone with an application that you can withdraw cash from an ATM and pay in the same way for shopping. For Free.

How does this work?

In the PeoPay app on your smartphone, choose the BLIK option to generate a six-digit code. We enter it at the ATM.

In the next step, on the screen of the phone, we receive a request to approve the transaction with a PIN, or – up to PLN 200 – with a fingerprint or face scan if our phone has this function. The ATM pays out the money and at that is all.

The PeoPay app also allows you to deposit money into the cash deposit machines in Poland, for example popular Euronet and Planet Cash networks. What is important,is the fact that paying-in is as easy as paying-out .

On the cash register screen, we choose the BLIK payment option, then we generate the code in the application. We approve the transaction with a PIN or biometrics, we put cash into the depository, we receive a receipt with confirmation and finish! The funds will appear immediately on our account.

BLIK codes can be used not only in ATMs. When using them and applying PeoPay Bank Pekao, you can also pay in an increasing number of traditional stores.
We use the same terminal as for card payments.

In the banking application, we generate a code that we enter on the terminal keyboard – instead of pulling out the card from the wallet. After a while, we get a request for approval of the payment on the phone screen and it is ready. Everything takes a moment and again the transaction takes place without the participation of the card.

Online shopping and BLIK is almost a perfect combination. Payments in the form of a quick transfer gave the buyer a great convenience, compared even to strenuous entering the number and other data from the card, not to mention the traditional transfers, requiring the completion of the form with the account number and store data.

But BLIK makes things even easier. Now, when shopping on a website that enables BLIK payment – almost in all large online stores or, for example, when buying tickets on the Internet – just choose the BLIK code as the fastest and easiest method of payment.

To complete the payment, we activate the PeoPay application, we generate the BLIK code, enter it in the browser and confirm it in the application.

The first BLIK transaction can be used to remember a given store or browser and you will no longer need to enter the BLIK code on subsequent purchases on this particular website (from the same seller) or from the same browser on your device. All you need to do is confirm the transaction in the PeoPay mobile application.

Last year, through Poland, BLIK made 91 million transactions, or 250,000 a day! It is almost 3 times more than in 2017. Their value is over PLN 12 billion. In the whole year, 66.2 million transactions were recorded on the Internet, 14.6 million deposits and withdrawals at ATMs, 5.18 million transfers to a telephone number and 5.04 million transactions at payment terminals.

The popularity of this solution is growing at an avalanche rate. BLIK was established in 2015 as an initiative to create an independent Polish payment standard. Today, it can be used by up to 90 percent of all clients of domestic financial institutions.