Things you must think about if you’re setting up a modern company in Poland.

If you are just starting or thinking about starting a company in Poland, you must ensure that your customers will find you. And it does not matter if you are a freelancer, run a Polish limited liability company by yourself or you have a company where you employ several people. Today, it is impossible to function without a professional presence on the Internet. Here are the things you simply need to remember.According to CSO data, approx. 95% companies use broadband internet access – the thing is that it would be a good quality and trustworthy service, i.e. fast, reliable and not too expensive. The link should be stable, guaranteeing the continuity of the company’s work and ensure comfortable access for several people at the same time. Selection of services dedicated for companies will provide priority service dedicated to business customers, and you will pay the price for the service in the costs of doing business.

If you already have fast internet access, you have to remember to exist in it – in a way that will not leave any illusions about your professionalism. So you must have your own domain. When you give someone your website address or e-mail address – it looks much better where your own domain is, not the provider of free services.

Buying your own domain is very easy, just go to the website of one of the suppliers of such a service – in Poland there are several checked with good customer service, choose a free domain and pay. The annual cost of such service is approx. PLN 100 for the .pl or .com domain.

You can choose from a whole range of extensions that suggest what your business deals with – if you want, for example, to run a travel agency, you can choose .travel, and if you want to deal with cars – .auto.

How do you choose the right domain? There are several schools: some say that it is best to include the name of the company in it, others – to define what the company is doing. For sure the name should be short and easy to remember.

If we already have a domain, it’s worth spending some time and money to create your own website. It is still a problem for Polish entrepreneurs – only two thirds of companies had their own website last year. Meanwhile, consumer surveys show that customers place greater trust in the company they can find on the web.

Your own site is set up quickly and without major problems. For several dozen zlotys a year we can buy a hosting (ie own server piece), and on it – install (usually happens automatically or with a little help from the hosting company) WordPress. This is the most popular system for managing your own website in the world – and the most intuitive on the occasion. You can give your website the look you only dream of – WordPress offers several hundred free designs that you can install with just a few clicks. And if you want something more sophisticated for a small fee, you will receive something that will definitely meet your expectations.

Today, almost everyone uses Facebook. Setting up your business site costs nothing and will not take much time. You name, choose an industry, upload a logo and graphics in the background and that’s all to start with. It’s good to add a phone number and an email address so your potential customers can find you quickly. And, of course, the address if you run a service point. Then, it is worth looking for thematic groups in your industry and informing members that your company is operating and looking for orders. There is of course no guarantee of success, but there is a good chance to find contractors.

It is important to write on a regular basis on Facebook, taking care of linguistic correctness regularly and not to post only advertising posts. It is worth sharing sometimes with some “industry” find or knowledge adequate to the topic. Systematic is important – pages where nobody posts anything over time are extinguished by Facebook.

If you want to reach more people faster – you can invest several hundred zlotys in advertising. Then your posts will appear as “sponsored” on the boards of people whose Facebook algorithm has indicated as those who may be interested in your business. That is why it is worth accurately and truthfully describe what you do. The more information you provide about the company, the more effective the Facebook algorithm will be.

Full internet access to the Polish bank account is another very important matter while running a business in Poland. Via the internet access you are able to settle all the cost invoices, pay taxes to the tax office, insurance contributionsΒ and send immediately the remuneration to your employees. It is also the fastest way to checkΒ whether contractors have paid for your services or goods purchased from your company.