Black Friday – the increase can reach as much as 70 percent.

In 2017, the worldwide value of online retail sales amounted to over $ 2 trillion, and by 2021, it is expected to increase more than double and reach almost $ 5 trillion. One of the factors driving the development of e-commerce is the growing popularity of sales, which generate additional traffic on websites and increase the turnover of stores.

In 2017 in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine, sales in the so-called Black Friday increased by as much as 59 percent, and during off-season sales by more than 40 percent. – results from Answear.com. In Poland, sales are particularly popular. Almost every second Pole surveyed (49%) abstains from the decision to buy until the promotion or sale starts – according to the KPMG report.

On the other hand, goods most often bought by Poles during the promotion and sale are footwear (74 percent) and clothing (67 percent). Interestingly, half of Poles (50%) decided to buy an additional, unplanned thing while shopping – on average, there were two additional products.

The interest in Black Friday sales is noted both in the women’s and men’s assortment, the latter being even more dynamic (over 82% in 2017 compared to the previous year). In the case of women’s collections, jeans and pants are most often bought, in the men’s assortment – sweaters and jackets.

Stores also record increased profits on the Cyber ​​Monday occasion. The sales event initiated in the United States is an excellent opportunity for smaller online stores that do not have to compete with larger chains during Black Friday. On this day, clothes and footwear are most often bought – in 2017, online sales made only by desktop computers on that day in the US amounted to USD 3.36 billion. (by 26 percent more than a year earlier, when it was 2.67 billion dollars). Also in Poland, Cyber-Monday turns out to be a special day, and customers who are late for Black Friday may spend up to 40 percent during poweekendowych purchases. more – experts summarize.

Relatively new shopping opportunities, such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, have changed the trend in trade – often November is now the month when stores record one of the largest sales in the year. It is estimated that the share of November in the turnover of annual stores and service providers accounts for about 20 percent. Customers, taught by experience, are not waiting for the last moment with the purchase of gifts. At the same time, huge November sales, like Black Friday, encourage you to complete the gift list in advance.