Outsourcing. Is it profitable to do everything by yourself?

Problems with employee selection, lack of competence or cost reduction. From year to year there are more reasons why Polish companies reach for outsourcing.

According to some research, HR employees spend more than half their working time analyzing cover letters and CVs. The occupation is so absorbing that it’s easy to overlook valuable candidates. Why not ask for support from external specialists who have great experience in personnel matters and employment?

Also Managers recognize that specialized agencies free them from administrative, routine and recurring tasks, and therefore they are able to engage efficiently in more important and relevant activities.

The general point of outsourcing is very obvious, by passing certain processes to specialists, companies and institutions can focus on their core business and gain a competitive advantage.

About 84 percent of Polish entrepreneurs admit that they are appalled by the number of regulations governing business. That is why the popularity of outsourcing of accounting, legal and tax services is growing. It is used by 65 percent of the Polish companies. According to the KPMG report about 40 percent of respondents employing up to nine people admit to commission these processes to subcontractors.

Modern business processes are too complex for companies to be versatile and self-sufficient. Only a team of professionals from various fields is able to provide the customer with comprehensive, efficient and high quality service, in addition at a good price.

Instead of using the support of several experts, such as a lawyer, tax advisor, accountant and HR, the company receives one service, which is the sum of knowledge and experience of a group of professionals. This allows taking into account all possible aspects of the problem: legal, tax, accounting and other, facilitates the elimination of errors and reduces the financial risk.

Outsourcing is not about losing control over your business but about skillfully delegating tasks to suitably selected specialists who will perform the tasks entrusted to them most effectively.