The brave entrepreneurs route on foreign markets.

Due to a small group of courageous companies, just over 8 percent. goods exported from Poland goes outside Europe. Will their successes be an impulse for foreign expansion of our economy?

Nine out of ten Polish entrepreneurs present on international markets only conduct purely commercial activities there. Few decide for more advanced forms of international cooperation, such as subcontracting, cooperation in R & D or a joint venture. Only 0.6 percent. Polish companies invest abroad! Changing this situation is a vital interest of the state.Not only Europe

Over 60% of foreign investors in Poland have a 60% share in our exports; the choice of export markets is an element of the strategies of these groups. As much as 80 percent goods from Poland goes to EU countries. It makes us more dependent on the economic situation in this region of the world and deprives the beneficiaries of prosperity in developing countries.

Is it unknown to Poles? Not exactly. Entrepreneurs with Polish capital find new and distant markets – the process of their expansion is understood much more broadly than “simple export”. It is about using local labor resources, materials and raw materials, taking over technology and local, established brands, and finally – building an international group.

Already from A.T. Kearney from four years ago showed that many such SMEs were clearly looking at such a change in quality. They exported or wanted to export and operate abroad, because thanks to this you can grow even faster.

The signal for internationalization was given by family companies and large State Treasury companies, also companies listed on the WSE. It is important that the largest group of medium-sized enterprises join them.

For some, it starts to get too tight in the country and even in close markets either the demand is limited or the competition is too strong.