Having a company in Łódź or Kraków you can get a big grant.

The amount of PLN 129 million in the form of low-interest investment loans will go to companies from the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Lodzkie and Małopolskie voivodeships. The agreement for their implementation with financial intermediaries was signed by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

The launched support is to enable Lodz and Małopolska entrepreneurs to finance investments aimed at the development and expansion of the company and to increase their business.

The money that will go to businesses in the form of low interest loans comes from the Regional Operational Programs 2014-2020.

In total, in both voivodships, the bank signed 7 agreements with financial intermediaries, which will lend for a total of PLN 129 million.

In Lodz, the program will be called “Jeremie 2”. Under the agreement signed by BGK, the Lodz Regional Development Agency, the Association for the Support of Entrepreneurs and the Management Board of the Lodz Region PLN 66 million will be allocated.

Support of entrepreneurs is one of the most important priorities for the Lodz Region. Constructing the Regional Operational Program is an important element for the region to help SMEs in the sector by launching returnable instruments, which were welcomed by the Lodz entrepreneurs in the previous financial perspective.

In Malopolska, financial support will be provided by the project “Malopolska loan”, which will reach PLN 63 million to new and existing entrepreneurs. Two of the four financial intermediaries with whom BGK has entered into agreements will offer, among others. loans for startups.

The funds that come from the ROP of the Malopolska Region for the years 2014-2020 have been allocated to key tasks for the region. We would like to use them primarily micro, small and medium enterprises, both those starting up as well as companies existing over 2 years. This way the region’s authorities would like to give companies a boost to develop and strengthen their market competitiveness.