Support for Poland from European Union funds.

Value of investment contracts with the use of EU funds exceeded PLN 200 billion, said Deputy Minister of Development Jerzy Kwieciล„ski. In his opinion, the contribution of investment in economic growth will be increasing, over the whole year the investments may increase by over 3%.

Last year we exceeded 100 billion zlotys, this year we will exceed 200 billion zlotys, and I hope that next year we will have 300 billion zlotys in signed contracts. The amount of 200 billion zlotys covers both the EU subsidy, which amounts to 130 billion zlotys, as well as the own contribution from our beneficiaries. It can come from both the state budget and local government budgets, and from private institutions, entrepreneurs, said the Minister.

Thanks to these actions, we are launching a strong investment process throughout the country. These 200 billion zlotys correspond to more than 22 thousand implemented projects in the country. The scale of our activities is enormous. A small part of the projects is already completed and the series is very advanced. We have already spent nearly PLN 40 billion, which means that approximately one fifth of the activities covered by these agreements have already been implemented. This in turn means that about 80 percent. will in the coming months give additional boost to our economy – he added.

European funding contributes to investment growth and creation of new jobs in Poland. The biggest focus is on transport infrastructure, with much more advanced road than rail projects.

The second large area to which funds are directed is to support entrepreneurs to finance research and development or investment projects related to the commercialization of research results. Projects with the highest possible innovation potential for small and medium-sized companies in the regions are financed.

The European Commission is interested in making use of EU funds as high as possible. Many countries have problems with it. So far Poland has been implementing the plan submitted to the Commission properly.