Contactless payments without a PIN CODE will increase up to PLN 100.

Banks are ready to raise the limit from PLN 50 to PLN 100, but want to increase the security of such payments. Therefore, this will not happen this autumn, but before the end of 2019.

In autumn, the rules on the so-called strong authentication. Strong client authentication is a two-step verification of identity based on at least two independent elements from the category:

  • knowledge – owned only by the user, e.g. a PIN or password
  • possession – something that only the user has, for example a payment card or a telephone,
  • customer features – what the user is – through the use of biometrics such as retinal scan or fingerprint.

The independence of these elements is based on the fact that violation of one of them does not in any way weaken the credibility of others, while not weakening users’ data.

The limits will be raised to PLN 100 only after the entry into force of these provisions. – Contactless PIN limits will definitely be raised before the end of this year.