More and more earning migrants are paying contributions and have Polish insurance.

Already 380 thousand foreigners, three quarters of which are Ukrainians, are functioning in the Polish social security system.This means that the number of foreign payers of ZUS corresponds to the estimated number of people who will retire after lowering the retirement age.

From the beginning of October you will again be able to retire at the age of 65 for men and 60 for women. It is estimated that after the retirement this autumn will be added an additional 300 thousand people.

The number of immigrants who pay social security contributions from their money earned in Poland increased by 60% during the year.

The vast majority of job immigrants who appeared in the Polish insurance system are Ukrainians. At the end of June there were over 270,000, while even a year ago – 147 thousand.

ZUS data also show that the number of legally working Belarusians in Poland is rapidly growing. At the end of June in ZUS database was 11 thousand people with Belarussian citizenship, which means an increase of as much as 66% during the year.

Immigrants largely compensate for the loss of working-age people and the chance that they will fill the gap resulting from lowering the retirement age.

Without immigration, the economy would have a lot of trouble, because the possibility of early retirement could deprive the company of several hundred thousand employees, who from the payers change into a group receiving benefits.