Belarusians are increasingly going to work in Poland.

The statistics of Belarusian foreign travels in search of work are changing. A few years ago, most people were going to work in Russia. Now, more and more often they are going to Poland.

According to data, over 4 years ago over half (53%) of Belarusians went to work in Russia and only 8% to Poland. Last year, these proportions almost leveled off. In Russia, there is still a crisis and lack of jobs. Poland is trying to attract professionals from nearby countries, creating favorable conditions. That is why many Belarussians would like to work in this country. Even more interesting are the preferences of the Belarussians for the country to go to work. Most – more than 12 percent say they would like to work in Poland, 9 percent in Russia and over 8 percent in Germany.

The simpler procedures for getting a work permit encourage foreigners to come to Poland. Simpler does not mean banal simple, that is why it is very recommended to take advantage of the help of a professional polish consulting company. Such company can help to avoid significant mistakes in the first contacts with Polish officials and complete all the necessary formalities.

The initial investment in such professional help will surely help in the further development on the labor market in Poland and in other EU countries.