The number of millionaires in Poland is constantly growing.

More than 20 thousand people declared more than one million zlotys in taxation last year. This represents an increase of 5 percent. Most of Polish millionairesΒ  came among people who carry out business activities and settle according to the 19% PIT rate.

The proliferation of the wealthiest group is supported by the good economic situation in the economy.The dynamically developing economy makes Poland continue to reduce its distance while catching up with developed countries, leading to a growing wealth of citizens.

The opportunities offered by the dynamically developing Polish economy are also increasingly used by foreign investors looking closely at the situation. They see that Poland, as a rapidly growing country with ever stronger position in Europe and in the world, is a great place to start up business (for eg. a LLC company) and is the perfect link between the EU and the Middle East.

On the road to earning millions of income are both investors who want to open a Polish branch of their foreign, prosperous business, taking this step as a business development and those who are now ready to start their business carrier. The second group of investors can benefit from various ways of starting a business in Poland.

One of the most popular choices is remote polish Limited Liability Company (LLC) formation – option entirely supported by the polish consultant with adequate knowledge and experience who helps to complete all the necessary formalities. Another often used option is to buy a ready-made, clean, shelf polish Limited Liability Company with no history respectively inspected and prepared for the future owner.

For both those groups Poland has its procedures which support productive and ambitious business migrants, who want to come in order to achieve something in the European Union.

For those foreign investors migration offices offer also some ways to get a Polish business visa, permanent residence permit or even citizenship. The positive end of these procedures is undoubtedly influenced by several important factors which are very much appreciated by the officials of the migration offices such as for eg. having an active business in Poland, investement in polish properties or even trying to get a polish work permit.

Polish lawyers working for business immigration consulting companies can really help during the whole process and taking advantage of their help is definitely a good step not only to the first million.