Experts advise: The most profitable is export outside the EU.

The Agricultural Market Agency encourages Polish food producers to promote and sell their products outside the European Union. Today, further markets are only a supplement to the export offer for most segments of the food industry. Meanwhile, the distant partners offer the best trade margins.

This is the case even for importers from China. The strength of the Chinese market is enormous, but also the competition there is unbelievable. Polish top quality products are of interest. You should now take care of their promotion, point out the pros and convince them that you should buy them

It is also very important for products to be marketed in developing countries. The need for diversification is enormous. Non-EU markets are harder and more expensive, but in the longer term they can give you more profit. Not only China and neighboring countries, but also India and Arab countries.

The value of Polish food exports in the previous year amounted to over 24 billion euro.Outside the EU markets, we mostly send food to the United States and to the Middle East. We mainly export: meat, dairy products and tobacco.