Western people interested in working and living in Poland.

Poland is constantly increasing the attractiveness of the labour market in the European Union arena, which raises growing interest of Western neighbours. Over 21,000 foreigners from the West work legally in Poland – that’s 30% more than in 2014. Some young Frenchmen, Spaniards, Italians and Portuguese even admit that they live better than in their homeland.

Graduates of IT, engineering majors and engineers are very often looking for work in Poland. Those foreigners with a more general education frequently work in commerce, advertising or catering business. There is also work for foreign teachers of languages – native speakers.

Some of the Westerners are also determined to open their own new businesses or branches of their foreign companies. A very popular solution for them is to form a Limited Liability Company or buy ready-made, clean, shelf companies dedicated to the profile of their activity. Such projects can be entirely supported by a professional polish consulting companies.

Those companies can help to complete all the formalities, advise new areas worth investing or deal with the completion of the staff. Many of them are also able to assist with investing in polish properties and their knowledge and experience can be very helpful while doing the research of the local market.

According to ZUS data at the end of May, over 21 thousand people from western Europe paid contributions in Poland. Both employees and entrepreneurs.

High unemployment among young people in such countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal or Greece encourages them to be more mobile, look for their opportunities abroad and Poland with the increase in wages will be an increasingly attractive option for them. Working in well-known international companies, which grow in Polish cities, gives foreigners great opportunities for development.

The good news is that they also begin to notice that this beautiful country in Central Europe is as well a good place to live, start a family and have plans for the future.