More and more foreigners from outside the EU applying for residence permit in Poland.

More than 100 thousand people applied for residence permits in Poland this year. For comparison, in the whole year 2015, 108 thousand applications were submitted.In a comparable period – in the first seven months of 2016, applications for residence permits were made by 73,000 immigrants, and in the same period in 2015 by 55,000.

In addition to the 66,000 citizens of Ukraine, the largest number of requests were made by Belarusian citizens (5,000), India (4,000), China (3,500) and Vietnam (3,000). The overwhelming majority – 87 percent of the cases concern temporary residence permits, which allow them to stay in Poland for up to 3 years. Foreigners justify their applications mainly for work.

Other good opportunity to become a polish resident is to start a business in Poland or buy a ready-made, clean, shelf polish Limited Liability Company with no history prepared for the profile of the business. For foreign investors migration offices offer some ways to get a Polish business visa or permanent residence permit. Having a polish company eg. Limited Liability Company ( LLC ) is very much appreciated by the officials of the migration offices and can be the best start for the further steps in the European Union.

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Foreigners wishing to live in Poland (for a longer period of time allowed by the visa) may apply for a permit in the voivodeship offices. Due to the growing number of applications voivods will receive an additional PLN 42 million to improve the service of foreigners.