Global desire for profits on cryptocurrency.

The currency market in the 21st century belongs to algorithms – virtual currencies, which are a risky but tempting source of income. They are making a fuss all over the world starting from your Middle East, across Europe to the United States. Poles also fell in love with it.

The fact that he is alive not only on the Internet but more and more often dominates the company. Hossa on the bitcoin warms the market to redness. Time to pour bucket of cold water on the heads of investors – amateurs.

In August the bitcoin course beat the historical limit of 4.2 thousand. dollars. Analysts are forecasting further increases in the virtual currency.Β Bitcoin potential appreciated among others. China, Japan, India, Switzerland. In Poland, a message was issued warning the participants of the market against virtual currencies.Β Analysts advise how to navigate the virtual currency market. “Investing on a crowd instinct is a bad adviser”.Β In the 21st century, virtual coins will be pushed up. Market development cryptalalyst is also an impetus for innovation in banks.Β 

Bitmonnet becomes part of our financial culture. At work, in the play-off, during a meeting with friends we live discussing the content of our virtual wallet. These smartphone applications serve us to store digital money – encrypted code that changes to fine until the eighth decimal place. They can be bought at Internet bureaus or directly from the owner. Virtual coins can also be found on your own, digging in the network with the computing power of your computer. The internet is full of exchange exchanges and platforms that are tempting to profit.Β 

There are over 1000 different virtual currencies on the market. It is difficult to predict the best because they differ in technology and application. Among the most popular ones would be: ethereum, dashcoin, zcash. However, primate constantly bitcoin. He appeared on the market as the first and proved himself as a means of payment and asset to hold the property.Β 

The cryptal environment believes that the anonymity of market participants is its key advantage. “The advantages lie primarily in the Blockchain technology, a decentralized database that is the cryptanalyst’s tissue – to zero the risk of fraud in financial transactions. Movements of both sides are visible to everyone in the world, but their identity remains anonymous.Β 

In Poland, virtual money trading does not violate national and EU law. Owning, trading, investing and digging coins is legal. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the market, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (NBP) and the National Bank of Poland (NBP) jointly issued a statement in early July, warning them primarily of hacker attacks, financial pyramids and exchange rate risks.

Virtual currencies are not issued or guaranteed by the central bank, are not money, ie legal tender or currency, can not be used to pay off tax liabilities and do not meet the criterion of universal acceptability in trade and service points. Those who lose funds on cryptowals will be able to assert their rights in court, but they will not be able to count on the support of any Polish investor or consumer protection institution.

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