Poles are getting more entrepreneurial. The popularity of self-employment and the number of micro-businesses are growing.

Frustration, dissatisfaction and the need for independence are the main factors that motivate the Poles to set up their own business. Persons who choose to take such a step are aware of their competence, are not focused on deficiencies, are more prone to risk, and tolerate the possibility of error.

According to PAED data in Poland, the popularity of self-employment and the number of established micro-enterprises are growing year by year. The entrepreneurial spirit is the essence that helps you get better in business, pushes you forward, and makes you not subordinate to others. An entrepreneur can be compared to a hungry person. When you are hungry, you are not waiting for someone to bring you something, you just go and get it.

According to data of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, in Poland there are currently about 1.84 million active companies, and their number is steadily increasing. Most (99.8%) are micro-, small and medium-sized businesses. The data cited in the “Report on the Condition of the SME Sector in Poland 2016” by PAED indicate that compared to other EU countries, Poland ranks sixth in terms of the number of registered enterprises. It is worse for the population of the country. For 1 thousand. The average number of inhabitants is 41, which gives us 22nd position in the EU. Czechs, Portuguese, Slovaks and Swedes.

The corporate sector is the pillar of the Polish economy, accounting for 73.5 percent. GDP and 9.1 million jobs. The value generated by small and medium businesses is less than 20 percent. Micro-enterprises, however, account for more than 30% of the GDP. This value.

Statistics show that for three years, the propensity of Poles to set up micro businesses has not deteriorated. Self-employment is becoming more and more popular, and in the REGON database there are about 3 million individuals who carry out business. These numbers confirm that Poles are more enterprising and willing to set up their own businesses.

Research shows that the basic factors that motivate Poles to set up their own micro-businesses are frustration and dissatisfaction with their jobs and the need for greater independence. Persons who choose to take such a step are aware of their resources and skills and the opportunities they create. In every situation, they see the opportunity to do business, regardless of industry or circumstances

Research commissioned by ING has also shown that entrepreneurs are much more likely to risk and trust their skills and knowledge. They have a sense of efficiency – the belief that every success and failure is dependent on their decisions. These people do not believe in luck, they rely on hard work and determination. They do not blame others – they can admit mistakes and look for solutions.

They also see that in Poland there is a growing number of foreign investors that are opening their companies and running them successfully. That is another big motivation for a Polish future businessman. Foreigners open Limited liability companies in Poland from different reasons. Those from European Union want to open a new company in Poland or a branch of their own company because they see increasing business potential in this country. On the other hand, non-EU residents additionally to business progress use the possibility of remote Limited liability company formation to obtain a business visa to Poland (European Union territory). Foreigners can get such business visa even up to 12 months. During the time of its validity they can come to Poland, have a look around and decide what to do in the future. On the base of running Polish company, trying to meet the migration office requirements, they can apply for the Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). Getting support from a professional, polish business consulting company with adequate knowledge and experience seems to be the most reasonable solution for them. Such partner would help to choose the best way, avoid significant mistakes in the first contacts with Polish officials and complete all the necessary formalities.

Polish entrepreneurs also tend to be sincere in dealing with employees and customers. They are open to confrontation and excited when they are doing something for the first time. Their intrinsic characteristic is also the internal need for continuous development.

No one assumes his own business, because he wants to rest. Your own business means a lot more work, a sense of responsibility for yourself and others, your family, your company and your customers. That is why you need to know what you want to achieve. You also have to accept the fact that you will not always be able to do everything 100 percent. As an entrepreneur you should accept that you are not perfect and not everything will work out perfectly – it is a normal situation, nothing bad happens. You just get up and go ahead…