Growing trend in investing in Polish real estate.

From one year to another we can observe increased traffic on the real estate market in Poland. In large and small cities, there are many real estate development projects, free scraps of land are gradually being filled with new houses, mixed housing estates with apartments and commercial buildings.

Properties with good location and sold on convenient terms do not have to wait long for the interested buyer. Low interest rates on bank deposits contributed to that Poles invest in properties instead of keeping money in banks. More than 60% of those property investments are realized for cash.

Polish people began to invest in real properties encouraged by the general improvement of the economic situation and they use the resources they managed to accumulate because they want to use them more efficiently and prefer to protect themselves against the change in the value of money. Bank deposits have not given any reasonable offers for a long time, and at the same time developers encourage to invest in housing, not just for rent but as well to treat as capital security for the future.

At the selection investors have to remember that the most important is the location, because it gives you the greatest value growth potential. The property must also be free from legal defects and restrictions, have a predictable destination scenario and attractive price in relation to market value.

Offers on the Polish real estate market are also attracting an increasing number of foreigners. The increase in the number of properties purchased by foreigners was evident after the country joined the European Union. Contrary to appearances, not only citizens of EU Member States are buying premises located in Poland. Such apartments are also popular among Ukrainians, Belarussians, Russians, neighbours from the Middle East and Asians.

These groups of foreign investors as well treat polish real estate market as an investment for the future but not only in the business aspect. Investing in polish properties as a supplement to having an active business eg. Limited Liability Company ( LLC ) can be much appreciated by the officials of the migration offices and can be a good start for the further steps in the European Union.

The first business visa can be obtainable after a procedure of remote company formation. This process provides polish Limited Liability Company with no history adjusted for the requirements of the business. Then it is possible to come and have a look around on the polish real estate market to find a property worth investing also for polish residence permit matters.

Professional, polish business consulting companies with adequate knowledge and experience can help to choose the best way, avoid significant mistakes in the first contacts with Polish officials and complete all the necessary formalities.

It is worth noting that before the accession of Poland to the EU, foreigners bought only less than 1000 units a year. After 2004, buyers in Western Europe may find it much easier to buy a house in Poland, but the number of investments in real estate by foreigners has, among other things, been influenced by another important issue, namely Poland’s accession to the EU has improved the investment credibility and attractiveness of our country – also for buyers from behind the EU border who count on the possibility of staying legally in Poland (polish visa , residence permit).

This tendency is enjoyed by developers who realize that the needs of domestic market investors may be someday fulfilled. Now the biggest developers are boasting excellent results for the first half of 2017. Compared to the previous year, sales increased by 30, 40, and in some cases by as much as 60%. No wonder that developers motivated by customers who buy flats for cash want to take advantage of the moment and build more and more.