Steady increase of foreigners doing active business in Poland.

Year after year, the immigration wave intensifies, not only people looking for a job in Poland but as well the number of companies run by foreigners is increasing.

Foreigners on the Polish labour market are shown mainly through the hundreds of thousands of statements made by employers for them. Based on these documents, they can work and stay legally in Poland for a specified time. This concerns largely seasonal workers who over the past few years have been doing mostly simple jobs that do not require special qualifications.

However, we have more and more signals that these people want to stay in Poland longer. You can see an influx of not only young people but also whole families. The presence of citizens from the Eueropean Union (EU) countries, East, Middle East and Asia has often a more entrepreneurial dimension.

Starting a new business in Poland or buying a ready-made, clean, shelf polish Limited Liability Company ( LLC) with no history prepared for the profile of the business is a good opportunity to become a polish resident. For foreign investors migration offices offer some ways to get a Polish business visa or permanent residence permit. Having a polish company eg. Limited Liability Company ( LLC ) is very much appreciated by the officials of the migration offices and can be the best start for the further steps in the European Union.

Foreigners wishing to live in Poland (for a longer period of time allowed by the visa) may apply for a permit in the voivodeship offices. Professional, polish business consulting companies with adequate knowledge and experience can help to choose the best way, avoid significant mistakes in the first contacts with Polish officials and complete all the necessary formalities.

Experts point out that Poland is still one of the most ethnically homogeneous countries in the European Union despite the growing number of immigrants. It is so because they only come for a few months. According to Eurostat data, only 0.5% of our population is foreign residents, means, people staying in Poland for more than one year.


Still, the unresolved problem by the polish government is how to deal with such a big group of immigrants. The organizations of employers and experts appeal for the development of migration policy. In the government, there are different views of Ministry of the Interior(which looks at immigrants through the prism of security) and the Ministry of Development, which is concerned about the supply of workers, and how the problems with it affect the polish economy.

Experts see in Poland potential attracting foreign employees and business migrants and they predict that the Polish population will become more similar to the western in several years. Then every tenth living by the Vistula river will be a foreigner. With the increase in the number of immigrants also will come those who would like to work on more stable forms of employment than seasonal workers or start their own business. This can mean thousands of new business activities, which will appear in Poland in a few years.