The latest results of the euro area’s foreign trade.

The Eurostat statistical office has reported the outcome of the euro area’s foreign trade. In January 2019, it amounted to EUR 1.5 billion. One month earlier, the level of EUR 17 billion has been reached.

The value recorded a year earlier in the corresponding period amounted to EUR 3.1 billion. In January 2019, exports of euro area countries (seasonally unadjusted) increased by 2.5 years in annual terms and amounted to 183.4 billion euros, while imports increased by 3.4 percent. yr and amounted to 181.8 billion euros.

The surplus after taking into account seasonal factors amounted to EUR 17 billion compared to the surplus of EUR 16 billion a month earlier, after a correction of EUR 15.6 billion. The surplus expected by analysts in January is 15 billion euros.