Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank joined the merger talks.

Both banks have officially confirmed the start of talks on mergers, although they stipulate that they are only at the initial stage of talks. Nevertheless, the prices of shares of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank to the south on Monday increased on the stock market by 4.07 per cent, respectively. and 6.87 percent.

Skeptical about the merger plans of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank are representatives of trade unions. Headquarters associating employees in the services sector, estimates that as a result of the merger of both banks, work may lose about 30,000 jobs. people. The German DSW shareholders association even talks about 50,000 employees. Currently, both institutions employ about 133 thousand people.

Fusion proponents, however, believe that both corporations have no choice but to lose market shares. Both Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank have lost half of their market value on the stock markets over the last year. The merger of both institutions would result in the creation of the fourth largest bank in Europe.

In Poland, Deutsche Bank merged with the Santander bank and finally all DB branches were transformed into branches with the Santander logo. At the beginning there were some problems with the transfer of some of Deutsche Bank’s banking products to Santander Polska systems, but now the situation seems to be stabilized.

Discretly, there are also talks about closing unprofitable and unnecessary branches, and unfortunately also about reducing the number of employees of both banks who do not match the new business model set up by the management.

In assumption the mergers of the banksΒ Β are to guarantee the best offer and the best quality of services provided by qualified and experienced advisers to private and corporate clients.