The MSWiA wants to introduce the electronic ID. Announces them for March next year.

The MSWiA has prepared changes in the regulations that will allow the introduction of electronic ID. If everything goes as planned, new documents – after years of delays – will be issued in March 2019.

Β The draft of the MSWiA will now go to inter-ministerial consultations. The introduction of the electronic ID is coordinated by the Ministry of Digitization, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration has developed a draft amendment to the regulations –Β  prepared legislative changes in this area, for which it was responsible .

New ID cards are to be issued from March 2019. However, we will not have to exchange existing documents – they will remain valid until the dates specified in them expire.

The provisions proposed by the MSWiA assume that the ID card with the electronic layer will confirm the identity and citizenship of its holder and authorize to cross the borders of some countries. E-ID is also to improve communication with public administration and even with commercial entities – adds the MSWiA. E-ID will allow, for example, to use certain internet services.

Β Thanks to electronic ID, each electronic document can be signed using an electronic signature. Its use will be treated by the office in the same way as the use of a handwritten signature. If someone does not want to have a personal signature function in his ID, he will be able to opt out of it.

The new ID was to be ready in Poland eight years ago. If the government does not get along with them until next year, Poland will probably have to pay back PLN 150 million to the European Union.

Such electronic ID already exists in several EU countries, for example in Germany or Spain.