Poles will help with the expansion of the Emirati airport. It will be two times bigger than the Chopin Airport.

The Gdynia-based company Sito Poland will provide IT solutions and services for the purpose of the project to expand the airport in Abu Dhabi. The airport will be able to handle 30 million passengers a year.

Sito Poland has just signed a partnership agreement with ITech consulting company from the United Arab Emirates. The airport in the capital of the United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest growing ports in the world. Currently, finishing works are currently being carried out at Terminal 3, in the main building and the airport center.

The investment is valued at one billion dollars. The new terminal is due to start operating in 2019. Then the airport’s capacity will increase from 20 to over 30 million passengers a year. For comparison – in 2017 the largest Polish airport – Chopin – served 15 million passengers.

Ultimately, the airport in Abu Dhabi may still grow – to the extent that it will be able to handle up to 80 million travelers. After obtaining this capacity, it will be the second largest airport in the world (the largest is the Atlanta airport – it serves 95 million passengers).

The Arab contractor turned to the Poles from Gdynia with a request to join the project due to the previous experience of our company in similar investments. Polish IT specialists prepared software and visualizations that were used during the development of the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, worth over 900 million euros and covering the area of โ€‹โ€‹90 football fields.

Sito Poland is a part of the Sitowise, one of the largest and most innovative Finnish consulting companies involved in the design and management of projects in the fields of infrastructure, housing, transport, environmental protection and digital services.