Specialists predict that the Polish economy will break records in the field of infrastructure investments.

Specialists predict that Poland will become the logistic center of the Europe. The latest OECD data (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) show that raising living standards in Poland is conducive to the development of positive economic trends and the rapid development of the labor market.

OECD specialists appreciated changes on the Polish labor market – a drop in the unemployment rate to the lowest recorded level in the last twenty years, growing demand for labor and the fact that everything seems to indicate a significant increase in average wages in the near future. The unemployment rate in 2017 was low – 4.9%, and what is more, all forecasts predict that the downward trend will continue in this respect and in 2018 will reach 4.2%, and in 2019 – 3.8%.

The level of GDP will continue to increase, but at a slightly slower pace. Forecasts for 2018 predict that this indicator will reach 4.2 percent, while in 2019 – 3.7 percent. It should also be mentioned that in 2017 GDP was 4.6%.

Poland should consider actions in the area of ​​agricultural products export. Current agriculture accounts for 5 percent. GDP, but the majority of agricultural production in Poland is produced for own needs. The export commodities include mainly dairy products, meat and potatoes. Thanks to the development of infrastructure, Poland will be able to increase the level of exports.

To maintain this positive trend, Poland should look for opportunities to invest in improving operational efficiency, infrastructure development and innovative solutions. A strategy should be developed that allows for the continuation or even increase of infrastructure investments.