We started to withdraw money from bank deposits again.

In April 2018, the wave of withdrawals from bank deposits ended, which reduced their balance by as much as PLN 35 billion. It seems that after more than a year of peace another one begins, because we have been observing payments again for three months. They led to the fact that the importance of investments fell to the lowest level in history. We keep only 1/3 of savings on them. At the end of May, Poles had PLN 260 billion in bank deposits, which is almost PLN 3 billion less than in February. In total, we have PLN 773 billion in banks, so the share of deposits is only 33 percent. and is the lowest ever. First of all, low interest rates discourage them from deposits. This year it is constantly falling. In December 2018, it was on average 1.83 percent, and in April this year only 1.56 percent.