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Polish specialists sought by companies from around the world.

Polish specialists are sought after today by companies from around the world. Mostly, however, Europe is seeking for them, and in it Germany – writes in its Friday issue (October 13, 2017) the daily newspaper “Die Welt”. More than 100,000 are currently vacant in the western neighbor of Poland. jobs – mainly in the engineering, electrotechnical and electronics industries as well as in the IT industry.

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Importance of human resources services in your company

According to the New York Times, Poland has the second highest percentage (at 39%) of people 25 to 34 years old with university degrees or the equivalent in the world (for comparison, US ranks 11th). The same article quotes an example of a salary being less than a half of what the same employee would cost in the United States. Poland continues to become a leader of offshoring for multiple business giants as well as small and medium businesses, which makes human resources services extremely important.

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