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President of PLL LOT: the Prime Minister has appointed the Polish Aviation Group.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki appointed the Polish Aviation Group. It is a joint-stock company with capital of PLN 1.2 billion; it will be composed of State Treasury companies, including PPL LOT, LOT AMS, LS Airport Services.

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Why Morawiecki rejected the ideas of currency conversion of loans in swiss franc?

Until 2007, BZ WBK almost did not grant franc loans. This changed when Mateusz Morawiecki became the president of the bank. Besides, he also enlisted a large loan (worth over PLN 2 million) in Swiss francs at that time. The BZ WBK he managed did not have the slightest scruples with squeezing this type of products to naive customers.

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Donald Tusk received the title of doctor honoris causa of the university in Hungarian Pécs.

The President of the European Council, former Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk was honored on Friday with the title of doctor honoris causa of the University of Pécs in the south of Hungary. The laureate received this distinction personally.

The President of the European Council

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Germany, France and Denmark want to extend checks within the Schengen borders.

Germany, France and Denmark have asked the European Commission for permission to extend checks at the borders of the Schengen area.

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Donald Tusk – the President of the European Council present in Warsaw during Poland’s National Independence Day.

During the celebration of the Independence Day at the Piłsudski Square in Warsaw, the President Donald Tusk laid flowers before the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 

A large number of Polish citizens awaited the arrival of Donald Tusk – one of the most prominent Polish politicians of the time, Polish leader of Europe and unquestionable authority for Polish people who value reunification of the European continent and European union as an important community.

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