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The Chinese buy out Europe. They are very interested in Poland.

Over a quarter of a billion dollars are worth the shares that Chinese companies have in nearly 700 companies in Europe. Half of the companies are taken over. They include 4 seaports, 6 airports, wind farms and 13 football teams in 9 countries. Most in the UK, but investors from the Middle Kingdom are also active in Poland. Chinese assets on the Vistula have been valued at over 700 million dollars and may come.Continue Reading..


Foreign companies like to invest in Poland.

Foreign investors like to invest in Poland. The decision to re-invest in Poland would take 92 percent. of them. This is the result of the 11th edition of the study “Investment climate in Poland” conducted by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) with the support of HSBC and Grant Thornton. Unfortunately, the percentage of satisfied investors is falling.

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Support for Poland from European Union funds.

Value of investment contracts with the use of EU funds exceeded PLN 200 billion, said Deputy Minister of Development Jerzy Kwieciński. In his opinion, the contribution of investment in economic growth will be increasing, over the whole year the investments may increase by over 3%.

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Brazilian company opens a branch in Poland.

In two weeks Brazilian company Stefanini opens its branch in Opole – announced president of Opole Arkadiusz Wiśniewski at a press conference. Until the end of next year the company intends to employ up to 100 people in this Polish branch.

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Poland is tempting serious investors. The government counts on new workplaces.

The proposals of the Polish government are a signal for the “big business” to invest in Poland. The whole Poland as a one big special economic zone? It is possible – it all depends on how “big global business” is perceiving these proposals and how much others will have financial, economic, or perhaps geopolitical troubles.

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The Ukrainians buy the largest number of properties. They overtook the Germans and Brits.

Ukrainians not only work in Poland but also invest in Polish real estate. They are increasingly willing to buy apartments in Krakow. It also draws attention that the Ukrainian client mostly pays cash, is a young person and buys a small area apartment.

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Balkan countries want to join the EU and tighten their co-operation.

Prime Ministers of the Western Balkans countries have agreed on a roadmap to deepen regional economic cooperation on Saturday. This is to be part of the process of integrating the countries of the region with the European Union.

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Poland still attracts foreign investors.

Poland, as a very fast-growing country located at the heart of Europe is becoming more and more frequent choice for running a business. Being the sixth largest country of European Union in terms of population, means undeniably a large selling market for goods and services. In numbers – about 38 million citizens, which is about one third of the total population of new member states. In recent years Poland has proven its position as one of the most attractive global locations for business investments.

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Large companies move their businesses to Poland

Poland continues to lure investors into moving their operations to Warsaw and other Polish cities. Well-educated, relatively low-cost workforce along with EU structures and favorable geographical location appear to be a temptation that can’t be resisted for more and more companies. Just the past few weeks provide examples of offshoring to Poland that must catch any observer’s eye.

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