The EU Council adopted a position on delegated employees.

The Council of the European Union adopted a stance on posted workers in opposition to, among others Polish and Hungarian. Poland wanted the Directive not to refer directly to transport, but this was not ultimately included in the Council’s proposal.

In Luxembourg, on Monday, a meeting of the EU Council took place with the participation of the ministers of the member states of employment on the amendment of the directive on posted workers. The countries have tried to find a compromise regarding its provisions. Negotiations lasted up to 12 hours.

Ultimately, the document did not support Poland, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia. Great Britain, Ireland and Croatia abstained from voting.

According to the adopted position, states will have three years to implement the new regulations from the moment they become effective, and companies will have 4 years to adapt to them.

The posting period has been set at 12 months, with an additional 6 months in specific cases.

“We can not support this proposal, which is another proposal, not entirely consistent, not easy to interpret.” This law is not as consistent as we would like, our position is there, “said Minister Rafalska.