Guardian will launch a second glassworks in Czฤ™stochowa for approximately 200 million euro.

In the third quarter of 2019, the American company Guardian Glass will launch its second factory in Czฤ™stochowa, specialized in the production of glass, among others for construction. Over 150 people will find work. On Monday, the launch of this EUR 200 million investment was officially announced.

The new steel mill, which will be built next to the existing plant, will specialize in the production of coated glass and flat glass (float), used among others Building. On Monday, the investor solemnly announced in May and confirmed in August this year. investment in the area included in the Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSEZ).ย –

Choosing Poland to replace the next investment Guardian Glass is a great honor for us. We welcome the fact that despite operating in many countries, for the third time the company has decided to invest in us – after the glassworks and the Shared Services Center in Katowice, Guardian Glass will build a new plant in Poland

Guardian Glass is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of float glass, coated glass and recycled glass. In 25 factories around the world (including 10 in Europe), the company manufactures glass for both outdoor (commercial and residential) applications as well as for indoor use as well as for transport and technical products. Guardian glass is, among others in homes, offices, cars and many characteristic architectural objects in the world.

At the end of May this year another company from the Guardian Industries group launched a service center in Katowice, which will deal with financial and accounting services for Guardian companies in Europe. A total of around 60 people will work during the year. The Center is responsible for financial processes and accounting of all forms of Guardian Glass’s activity in Europe, and ultimately it will also deal with the distribution network, communication processes and design works.

In Poland, the Guardian Industries group includes, apart from the Czฤ™stochowa steelworks and the service center in Katowice, also the SRG Global plant in Bolesล‚awiec, employing 365 people, producing components for the automotive industry. Molex, a company from the Koch group (owner of Guardian Industries), has production centers in Poland as well as research and development centers, where it employs over 1.4 thousand. people.

The new Guardian investment in Czฤ™stochowa is located in the Katowice Special Economic Zone, which – will close 2017 with the number of around 40 acquired projects with a record-breaking value of over PLN 3 billion. Thanks to new investments, at least 1.4 thousand jobs will be created. The new Guardian project in Czฤ™stochowa is one of the largest acquired this year by the investment zone.