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Dropshipping – great idea for a business in Poland.

What is dropshipping?

It is a logistic model of Internet sales involving the transfer of the process of shipment of goods to the supplier. The role of the online store in this logistic model comes down to collecting orders and sending them to the supplier who performs the shipment of the goods to the customer.

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Foreign companies like to invest in Poland.

Foreign investors like to invest in Poland. The decision to re-invest in Poland would take 92 percent. of them. This is the result of the 11th edition of the study “Investment climate in Poland” conducted by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) with the support of HSBC and Grant Thornton. Unfortunately, the percentage of satisfied investors is falling.

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President of PLL LOT: the Prime Minister has appointed the Polish Aviation Group.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki appointed the Polish Aviation Group. It is a joint-stock company with capital of PLN 1.2 billion; it will be composed of State Treasury companies, including PPL LOT, LOT AMS, LS Airport Services.

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Owners of Polish companies – what are they investing in now?

Time for such a long-awaited break in stagnation in investments? This conclusion is prompted by the results of the second edition of the Deutsche Bank report, indicating a significant increase in the readiness of Polish companies to expand, including foreign. There is only one “but”: the alarmingly low tendency of smaller companies to invest in innovation.

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EUR 167 billion has been invested by foreign companies in Poland for the last 25 years.

Foreign direct investment in Poland over the past 25 years has been above EUR 167 billion, on average, more than 6 billion euro is transferred to the our country each year. These investments have contributed to the growth of consumer and investment demand, the emergence of modern technologies, the development of enterprises, the improvement of production processes and supply chains, the improvement of the productivity of companies and their employees, wage increases and the decline of unemployment and, consequently, GDP growth in Poland. 

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Growing trend in investing in Polish real estate.

From one year to another we can observe increased traffic on the real estate market in Poland. In large and small cities, there are many real estate development projects, free scraps of land are gradually being filled with new houses, mixed housing estates with apartments and commercial buildings.

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