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MRPiPS with the Philippine government on the subject of employing employees.

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Business of the future. Experts chose the best startups.

At first you have to get a good idea before others do it. It must be innovative, because only small companies starting from scratch are able to attract big business partners. You do not need to have a lot of money to implement, but you have to be able to sell the idea. With such knowledge the participants of the ABSL Start-Up Challenge competition started to compete for the most innovative start-up.

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Unregistered business activity in Poland.

Good news for those who earn in the unregistered activity. The Ministry of Finance confirms that it will reduce to the minimum the paperwork – for us and the contractors with whom we cooperate.

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Emigration to Poland. Ukrainians are delighted.

Almost 90 percent migrants from Ukraine praise the standard of living in Poland. They feel good here, easily find a job – and many want to stay on the Vistula forever. The work of Ukrainians is usually attracted to Poland, but not only.

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Labor market in Poland. Education will become less and less important.

Within 10-15 years a breakthrough on the labor market may occur. The success will be decided not by studies but by experience, a set of appropriate qualifications, creativity and passion, the ability to learn quickly and independently.

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Foreign employees are budget support.

Foreign employees began to fill the gap in the Social Insurance Institution’s finances. The job department wants to facilitate their employment.

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Work migration in Poland.

The situation on the labor market in Poland – we are more and more willing to move to get a well-paid job.

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The Polish economy calls for professionally inactive people.

Falling below the 5% limit unemployment suggests that in the Polish economy the number of hands ready to take up a job is shrinking dramatically, which usually hampers economic growth. In fact, the reserves among employees are still large, the biggest ones are in the group of economically inactive people .

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Over 21 thousand taxpayers arrived in Krakow.

21 thousand 85 new taxpayers and 47.4 million more in the budget – these are the effects of the “Pay taxes in Krakow” campaign for 2016. According to the chairman of Kraków City Council, this result is the effect of the growing awareness of the residents and the attractiveness of Krakow as a place to live.

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Poland in the lead of Europe. We have the largest share of women among managers

Women earn less and less often occupy managerial positions. Eurostat has examined the situation of women and men in the European Union. However, it turns out that Poland is quite good compared to the Community and we have something to be proud of.

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