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The Polish government wants to tax Netflix, Spotify and other streaming services…

If the new PiS project comes into force, the state budget can affect up to one billion zlotys a year. By applying taxes to digital service providers, including Netflix, HBO and even Facebook the government wants to gain funds in this way to implement the recently announced election promises.Continue Reading..


Unregistered business activity in Poland.

Good news for those who earn in the unregistered activity. The Ministry of Finance confirms that it will reduce to the minimum the paperwork – for us and the contractors with whom we cooperate.

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The European Union leaves a free decision in the application of VAT to the countries of the community.

The reduced VAT rate on the goods and services chosen by the state will be determined by local governments, not by Brussels. This is the next stage of the Union tax reform announced by the European Commission.

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Over 21 thousand taxpayers arrived in Krakow.

21 thousand 85 new taxpayers and 47.4 million more in the budget – these are the effects of the “Pay taxes in Krakow” campaign for 2016. According to the chairman of Kraków City Council, this result is the effect of the growing awareness of the residents and the attractiveness of Krakow as a place to live.

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2017 – changes in Polish taxes.

Year 2017 brings multiple changes in Polish tax regulations that entrepreneurs should be aware of, including:


A new rate of 15% (instead of the previous 19%) was introduced for smaller companies. This rate is available for new businesses and companies that had income (including sales tax) not exceeding 1 200 000 euro (5 157 000 PLN in 2017) in the previous year. Capital groups are not allowed to use this rate.

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