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The shares of the Bank of Switzerland reign on the stock exchange.

The stock quotes of the Swiss National Bank went up to 6,800 francs on Friday. This means that in a few hours their value increased by a dozen percent, breaking the record. This institution is one of the few in the world that has private shareholders.

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Foreign currency account. The most important tool in your company.

If you trade with foreign partners, you need a company’s foreign currency account. Regardless of whether you are an exporter or importer, with your contractors you certainly do not settle in zlotys, but in euros, dollars or in another currency.

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The role of mobile banking is growing.

Three-quarters of Poles using mobile banking can not imagine life without it. Every quarter, several hundred thousand new users of banking applications are arriving.

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PKO Bank Polski supports Polish business in Iran.

PKO Bank of Poland is the first Polish bank technically ready to make financial settlements with Iranian banks. The PKO offer for exporters conducting trade with Iran allows them to significantly reduce the risk of their business. The Bank has consistently implemented a strategy of supporting Polish companies that are expanding their foreign expansion. 

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