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Emigration to Poland. Ukrainians are delighted.

Almost 90 percent migrants from Ukraine praise the standard of living in Poland. They feel good here, easily find a job – and many want to stay on the Vistula forever. The work of Ukrainians is usually attracted to Poland, but not only.

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Foreign employees are budget support.

Foreign employees began to fill the gap in the Social Insurance Institution’s finances. The job department wants to facilitate their employment.

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Work migration in Poland.

The situation on the labor market in Poland – we are more and more willing to move to get a well-paid job.

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Posted employees in the EU countries.

The freedom to provide services entails the right of traders to provide services in another Member State. This can consist in self-service by a self-employed person or on temporary assignment of employees. The principle of free movement of workers provides protection against discrimination in terms of employment, remuneration and other conditions of work and employment compared to nationals of that Member State.

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Polish companies have to be prepared to hire various groups of employees.

Companies learn to cope with employees of different sexes, nationalities and ages. Diversity – specific “multi-cult” in human resources policy – can be a cure for labour market problems – according to experts.

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More and more earning migrants are paying contributions and have Polish insurance.

Already 380 thousand foreigners, three quarters of which are Ukrainians, are functioning in the Polish social security system.This means that the number of foreign payers of ZUS corresponds to the estimated number of people who will retire after lowering the retirement age.

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Extremely good situation on the labour market in Poland.

At the end of last month, more than 170,000 job advertisements were available on the Polish Internet. It’s almost 4.5 percent more than the year before and the biggest ever recruiting online.The number of job offers is rising continuously for seven months, confirming the very good situation on the labor market.

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