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Brexit is getting closer. Billions decreases in exports to the islands.

Polish entrepreneurs are afraid of negative effects, and hard data show almost a billion-dollar decline in exports of goods to the islands. The United Kingdom may permanently lose the second position among the main markets for Polish companies.

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Trump breaks the deal with Iran. Oil prices at the highest since 2014.

The US president broke the deal with Iran and announced the imposition of serious economic sanctions on the country. Will include trade in oil, which prices went up quickly, breaking several-year records. The drivers cannot be surprised at the gas stations.

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EU loans for entrepreneurs – a new business lever.

Low interest rates, no fees and commissions and any additional costs, long repayment period, flexible goals for which you can spend money – these are the advantages of EU loans.

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The fight for programmers continues.

High earnings, the opportunity to find a job in various locations in the country and abroad, job stability – all this is waiting for good employees in the IT industry. The demand for employees is so great that employers buy them back and offer more and more salaries.

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Entering the euro zone would pay off to Poland.

More and more countries of the new EU are planning to enter the monetary union. Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia are preparing for this. The more countries join the euro area, the worse situation will be for those that will stay out of it.

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The MSWiA wants to introduce the electronic ID. Announces them for March next year.

The MSWiA has prepared changes in the regulations that will allow the introduction of electronic ID. If everything goes as planned, new documents – after years of delays – will be issued in March 2019.

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Warsaw will spend over PLN 7 million on special barriers to protect itself against terrorists.

Special security is to protect the main promenade of the capital, so that the tragedy from Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Stockholm or Nice will not repeat, where the assassins were driving a speeding car into the crowd.

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The Chinese buy out Europe. They are very interested in Poland.

Over a quarter of a billion dollars are worth the shares that Chinese companies have in nearly 700 companies in Europe. Half of the companies are taken over. They include 4 seaports, 6 airports, wind farms and 13 football teams in 9 countries. Most in the UK, but investors from the Middle Kingdom are also active in Poland. Chinese assets on the Vistula have been valued at over 700 million dollars and may come.Continue Reading..


Dropshipping – great idea for a business in Poland.

What is dropshipping?

It is a logistic model of Internet sales involving the transfer of the process of shipment of goods to the supplier. The role of the online store in this logistic model comes down to collecting orders and sending them to the supplier who performs the shipment of the goods to the customer.

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Moods in the euro zone are the best for many years.

Entrepreneurs from the eurozone countries have already forgotten about economic problems from years ago. The European Commission’s research indicated that the mood in companies is the best in 17 years.

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