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The interest in investing in Poland is not weakening.

Foreign companies are betting on Poland. Many big investors have announced that this year it will launch new projects in Polish cities. Motor vehicle investments and the new services sector dominate.Continue Reading..


Company account – how to choose?

Running a business should be supported by the ability to manage finances. It is necessary for each company to have a bank account. Choosing a bank to entrust its money to it and to make settlements with its contractors, the Social Insurance Institution or the Tax Office through it, should not rely solely on checking the amount of monthly fees. When deciding to set up a company account, it is worth paying attention to a number of additional factors.

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Lower ZUS contributions for the first three years of running a business. The government has a new idea.

The period of preferential payment of social security contributions will be extended to 3 years – proposed MRPiPS. The baseline would be 30 percent of the minimum wage in the first and second year of business and 60% in the third year.

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Poles are getting more entrepreneurial. The popularity of self-employment and the number of micro-businesses are growing.

Frustration, dissatisfaction and the need for independence are the main factors that motivate the Poles to set up their own business. Persons who choose to take such a step are aware of their competence, are not focused on deficiencies, are more prone to risk, and tolerate the possibility of error.

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Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Poland.

A limited liability company is an independent entity with legal personality. It is the most common type of company with legal personality in Poland. For entrepreneurs planning economic endeavours on a larger scale or connected with considerable risk, the choice of a limited liability company is usually very advantageous.

polish limited liability company

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