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The fight for programmers continues.

High earnings, the opportunity to find a job in various locations in the country and abroad, job stability – all this is waiting for good employees in the IT industry. The demand for employees is so great that employers buy them back and offer more and more salaries.

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Factoring and forfaiting – help for the company ?

Sometimes companies, in order to be able to maintain financial liquidity, try to quickly regain their lost capital. To protect against loss of financial liquidity, it is worth considering options such as factoring and forfaiting. Continue Reading..


Dropshipping – great idea for a business in Poland.

What is dropshipping?

It is a logistic model of Internet sales involving the transfer of the process of shipment of goods to the supplier. The role of the online store in this logistic model comes down to collecting orders and sending them to the supplier who performs the shipment of the goods to the customer.

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Foreign companies like to invest in Poland.

Foreign investors like to invest in Poland. The decision to re-invest in Poland would take 92 percent. of them. This is the result of the 11th edition of the study “Investment climate in Poland” conducted by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) with the support of HSBC and Grant Thornton. Unfortunately, the percentage of satisfied investors is falling.

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LexPoland Business Consulting as a member of European Economic Forum!

A great chance to meet wonderful people, discuss the challenges as well as new business solutions, and incredible pride in being a part of this annual convention.

We are very glad to have that priceless privilege of participation in European Economic Forum which takes place in Lodz, on 16-17th of October 2017.


Start-ups in Poland are beginning to make money.

The Polish startup sector can not yet match the Californian prototype, but is slowly maturing, professionalizing and starting to make money.

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Dividend – an alternative to small gains from bank deposits.

Many investors in the world and now also in Poland buy shares of companies and treat them as a long-term opportunity to earn. Not only at a rising price – it is not always so – but often at the dividend. What is this specific reward from the company’s profit?

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Posted employees in the EU countries.

The freedom to provide services entails the right of traders to provide services in another Member State. This can consist in self-service by a self-employed person or on temporary assignment of employees. The principle of free movement of workers provides protection against discrimination in terms of employment, remuneration and other conditions of work and employment compared to nationals of that Member State.

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The Ukrainians buy the largest number of properties. They overtook the Germans and Brits.

Ukrainians not only work in Poland but also invest in Polish real estate. They are increasingly willing to buy apartments in Krakow. It also draws attention that the Ukrainian client mostly pays cash, is a young person and buys a small area apartment.

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