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The development of the Polish institutional rental market.

According to earlier announcements, this year, the so-called the FINN Act, i.e. companies investing in property rental, which will be the counterparts of REITs operating in many countries.Continue Reading..


Responsibility for the financial report in a Polish Limited Liability Company

The head of the unit and the person entrusted with the bookkeeping are responsible for the preparation of the annual financial statements. The head of the unit shall ensure that the report is prepared and submitted to the competent authorities within three months from the balance sheet date. If the unit is managed by a multi-person body, the financial report is signed by all members of this body and the person entrusted with keeping the account books.Continue Reading..


The new draft of the MSWiA. Foreigners who want to come to Poland will be obliged to have funds for return.

Foreigners who, for example, are looking for a job, doing business or studying in Poland, will need to have between PLN 200 and PLN 2,500 to cover the cost of return travel – says the draft regulations of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, included in the Government Legislation Center.Continue Reading..


Things you must think about if you’re setting up a modern company in Poland.

If you are just starting or thinking about starting a company in Poland, you must ensure that your customers will find you. And it does not matter if you are a freelancer, run a Polish limited liability company by yourself or you have a company where you employ several people. Today, it is impossible to function without a professional presence on the Internet. Here are the things you simply need to remember.Continue Reading..


Registered address for a Polish company.

After introducing the lowest corporate income tax rate in Europe – 9% Poland became even more attractive country for doing business by foreigners. Some of them are interested in living in Poland and conducting their stationary business but the other group would like to go back to their countries and control the company at a distance.Continue Reading..


Foreign investors are still interested in locating large investments in Poland

Foreign companies bet on Poland. Subsequent investors are announcing that this year new projects will start with us. Motor vehicle investments and the new services sector dominate.Continue Reading..


Fixed-term work contract in Poland.

The specificity of a fixed-term contract is a top-down specification of the time for which it is concluded, which means that it is valid only temporarily. This is one of the types of employment contract.Continue Reading..


Contract of mandate. What period and rules for termination?

The mandate contract is more flexible than the contract of employment. It is also related to the fact that it can be quite easily resolved. The term of notice is connected with how the contract was constructed.Continue Reading..


Specialists predict that the Polish economy will break records in the field of infrastructure investments.

Specialists predict that Poland will become the logistic center of the Europe. The latest OECD data (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) show that raising living standards in Poland is conducive to the development of positive economic trends and the rapid development of the labor market.Continue Reading..